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We know that a Residence is incomplete without great food to compliment the experience, which is why Cruise Retirement provides world-class cuisine and plenty of it.


Our Food Service Fees provide a flat-rate, monthly cost for all food, available in the form of buffet dining, so you'll have a fantastic range of cuisine to choose from and if you're after something a little more, an additional surcharge can afford you a la carte dining in the Captain's Club Restaurant for those special events such as Birthdays and Anniversaries.


Lunch packs are also available for our Residents when they're going to be out exploring during the day, so you'll have something of a picnic lunch to take with you whilst you explore. Our Food Service Fees are budget-conscious and afford you fantastic local cuisines.

Seasonal delights are yours onboard your Cruise Retirement vessel.


See the world from the perspective of the cultures you visit through immersion into the smells, tastes and colors of the local cuisine of the area you're traveling.

Cruise Retirement prides itself on offering local cuisines so you can experience the exotic flavors, spices and delicacies of the local area you're visiting.

Tacos and salsa with corn chips whilst in Mexico, wok-tossed noodles in Singapore, fresh-caught Barramundi in Australia or fish and chips in London.

Our world-class chefs will provide the latest trends in the culinary world. Menus change continuously with many "old favorites" to choose from. 


We understand that when you're living in your Residence, you may feel like just a hamburger and not a five-course meal.


We cater to all tastes and when dining in the cafe or Captain's Club, our staff will know what you like, how you like your eggs, your preferred cereal and how you have your coffee or tea.

Your own personal chef

Be immersed in local culture

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