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Start your perpetual adventure today with CRUISE RETIREMENT

The only travel experience you'll ever need

CRUISE RETIREMENT was founded in 2013 on the premise that luxury travel should be available with better affordability and the belief that retirees should have access to new ideas.


Based in Miami, Melbourne and London, we  provide a range of long-term Residential options aboard cruise ships to allow you to travel and explore perpetually at similar costs to land-based living.

Enjoy more than one day exploring  each destination from the comfort of your own home.
What better lifestyle could you ask for?

Black tie, white tie, cultural events, sporting events, some of the best dining in the world, great company, like-minded individuals and fantastic facilities in a home that can travel to numerous, different destinations each year; these are just some of the things you'll have access to when you're on a Cruise Retirement Residential vessel as your home.


Sail the Mediterranean Sea

You've worked hard all your life, so do you deserve a little bit of Santorini and relaxing on the beaches of the French Riviera too? We think so, which is why we created Cruise Retirement.


Pamper yourself with a massage, sit in a cafe in Rome and order a pizza, cycle through Paris with one of our activity groups, the only limit is your imagination.

Our Concierge Desk will take care of helping you arrange tours and excursions and you'll even be able to avail yourself of our Private Jet Services if you'd like to branch further afield.

Caribbean Islands

Spend a few days in Barbados exploring this UNESCO-listed site. The fantastic experiences of a pirate, colonial history and the areas that may still contain buried treasure from a Spanish Galleon.

While away some time in a beach-side bar with friends or watch surfers on the afternoon breaks. Snorkel or scuba dive in the morning and relax with a game of golf in the afternoon.

Everything is available to you as you move from destination to destination, experiencing the lifestyle of a "Global Nomad".

You can visit the ancient Pyramids of Mexico and Guatemala or see the jaguars, toucans and monkeys in one of the Nature Reserves in Honduras or Venezuela.


Fantastic cultural experiences

Experience fantastic destinations, a community of like-minded people, the best in cuisine, have the ability to explore for a number of days at a time and see places you never thought you’d visit and do it at an affordable price.
For many travelers, feeling comfortable in unfamiliar surrounds is also very important, which is why we offer tours and excursions travelling with a group of friends, family and colleagues.
Book a golf game with our Concierge Services or arrange to go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef or the Florida Keys.

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