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At Sea


with a world of endless travel possibilities


Great Journeys and Fascinating Places from your Doorstep.

Let us show you the world in a different way. At the core of our company, we believe in creating close ties with each customer to best understand their travel needs and preferences.


Cruise Retirement offers a long-term, live-aboard Residential Cruise experience where you can purchase a Residence for long-term occupancy.


Whether you want to backpack through Europe or are preparing that romantic second honeymoon, Cruise Retirement is your launch-pad to do this.


You'll be sailing the World's oceans and living a life of exploration and excitement.


Visit those places that were until only recently available only to people on a short-term basis.


Give us a call and start your journey today!

Our Services

Travel and Retirement, Made Easy

We provide a range of additional services to help you in your daily explorations. Meals are arranged for you, your Residence is fully-furnished and serviced, you have numerous cafes, al a carte dining and buffet restaurants to enjoy a great meal with friends.  There is access to super-fast internet to keep you connected to your loved ones. You can also opt for In-Residence Dining Services at a nominal delivery fee, much like Room Service in a modern hotel or resort.

World-class cuisine

World-class cuisine

Exceeding Expectations

World-class chefs provide sumptuous cuisine on a daily basis. Sample local cuisines from around the World as you travel and enjoy cultural diversity.

Junior Suite

Fully-furnished Apartments

The Personalized Approach

Your live-aboard Cruise Retirement Residence comes fully-furnished with all of the conveniences of a modern hotel or condominium.

Chief Housekeeper

Fantastic Amenities

Everything You Need

Numerous cafes, buffet restaurant, an a la carte restaurant on board your Residential vessel, along with a comprehensive library, pool and gymnasium.

State of the Art

Internet / WiFi

Access some of the most state-of-the-art Internet and WiFi systems on the planet so you can stay connected with the World whilst you're travelling.

Satellite telecommunications
Housekeepin aboard Cruise Retirement
Relaxing in your Residence

Daily Housekeeping

How you like it

All of your day-to-day housekeeping needs are taken care of as part of your Residence Service Fees, so you'll never have to wash the dishes, make the beds or clean the bathroom.

In-room Dining Services

Right to your door

Don't feel like dining in one of the restaurants or numerous cafes? For a small fee we can provide room services so you can still enjoy great food.


Every day's a new adventure: the world is waiting for you....

There's always something to do on-board or on-shore when you're living on a cruise ship. Explore ancient ruins, do a class with one of the expert teachers in some of the destinations you visit, learn to make pizzas with Italian chefs, snorkel with Manta Rays or explore some hidden grotto on a deserted beach in the Greek Islands. Learn how to dance in Fiji and partake in a lovo feast (pit cooking). There are so many options and Cruise Retirement can help you explore them all. There's sitting at home looking out at a scenery that never changes or there's a different lifestyle where every day brings new horizons and cultural experiences.


Unspoiled Destinations

The sky's the limit! Our flagship, the M.V. Enchanted Explorer is Ice Class so we can take you to visit many seldom-explored places such as Antarctica and Greenland, where you can experience these majestic and unspoiled, yet icy climates. Not many people can say their home has visited these parts of the world!

Snorkeling & Sailing Tour

Hire a sailing dinghy for the day and have a friendly race with friends or go Day Sailing from one of the local Yacht Clubs. Cruise Retirement's Concierge Services can arrange these types of impromptu events and as part of the Explorer Club you'll have a range of services at your fingertips to explore like never before!


Speedboat Adventure

Take a smaller craft out for a few days and explore some of the other islands whilst your ship is docked in the Greek Islands or experience the fantastic beauty of some of those hidden bays and inlets you've only seen in the movies. The world is at your feet and you can enjoy some of the most delicious delicacies on offer with Lunch Boxes made by our World-class chefs that you can take with you.

Markets & Bazaars

Explore markets and bazaars that have existed for thousands of years and collect trinkets and gifts for friends and family.


Relax & unwind

Relax and have fun; there are plenty of deck chairs to laze around on with a drink by the pool or you can read a book whilst you glance up at the activity in the port or the ocean as you travel from place to place.

Craft classes

If you are a bit of a crafter, there are a number of groups run by the Residents that can help you learn a craft as you travel. If you'd like to learn to mould modelling clay, how to embroider or want to do a cooking class, we can arrange it for you.


Cultural Destinations

Become immersed in the culture and history of the places you visit. Traveling is all about experiencing the differences.

Golf & Tuition

Like to play golf? There's plenty of golfers onboard who would love to play with you! We'll arrange a game for you and you can even have lessons with our onboard Golf Pro in the virtual golf simulators or practice nets.


Vineyard & Cheese Platter Tours

A number of winery tours are scheduled each year to allow you to explore and sample the regions you visit and what makes them famous.

Cruise Ship

So you're interested?

The decision is yours, the pleasure is ours

So you're wondering how to get on-board. We've made sure everything is simple and straight-forward for you.

The steps to moving forward are as follows:

1. Fill out our Contact Us form.

2. You'll receive a brochure and Deck Plans including pricing on the range of different Residences.

3. Select a Residence that suits your budget.

4. Make a deposit to secure your Residence.

5. Progress payments are made prior to sailing and you'll receive Sailing Dates for when and where the ship will sail from.

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